Monday, July 6, 2009

They got me!

In fact, they got me good!  Those darn quilting pixies, the wee ones that sprout up in your sewing room and wreak havoc.  You know the ones.  At least, I hope you do.  I’d hate to think I’m the only one.  How else to explain those sewing days where you can’t do anything right? 

How did I sew on a border which should have been 1/4" wide and wind up with some ripply thing an eighth inch wide at its widest?  How did my little patches which should have measured 1/2" coming into said border end up measuring a sixteenth of an inch?  How many seams did I sew and take out?  When I cut the first border, measuring twice because I knew what kind of sew day I was having, how did it wind up a quarter inch too narrow?  And where did those puckers come from? 

Seriously.  I know how to quilt.  I’ve been doing it for close to twenty years now.  I have a book out.  I don’t say this to blow my own horn.  Really.  I just mean, shouldn’t having a quilt book published by a prestigious publishing house mean I know how to quilt?  All I can say is, you wouldn’t know it by the havoc that was my sewing room today.  When I went to attach that last border and found out I had cut it too short, I swear I heard little pixie giggles in the background. 

Time to admit defeat (if not lunacy).   Now, with the sewing room lights out, the iron off, and the sewing machine put to sleep, I sit here with a glass of chardonnay in hand.  And, wow, I feel so much better. 

Still, this is what perseverance in the face of supernatural opposition got me:

I liked the Kaffe Fasset medallion quilt/block so much I decided I needed to try it again with reproduction fabrics.  (Pretty much because I think anything that looks good is worth trying in reproduction fabrics.  What can I say?  We all have our addictions.)

Once again, I used EQ to find the applique design.  I started with the Birds and Leaves block from the Classic Applique: Folk Art add-on library. 

birds and leaves block

I deleted everything but the center motif.  Rotated it 45 degrees and then enlarged it to fit the block.  Easy peasy.  (I love EQ.)

So far I like the look of this little quilt, but I am a bit worried that I didn’t create enough definition and highlight with the checked border and may find myself in trouble with the square-in-a-square border that comes next.  Still, that puts me in one of my favorite territories when it comes to quilting – playing with fabric.   As for today’s various fiascos, as someone both annoying and heroic once said, “Tomorrow is another day.”

Yup.  Tomorrow morning, bloodied but unbowed, I will bravely venture forth into the sewing room once again.  Though I freely admit, if it starts off anything like today, I’m going to let the pixies call it.  I’ll head off to the library and stock up on romance novels, spend the afternoon in the rocker with a good escapist book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. 

Of course, without me to pick on, that means those wee ones will have no choice but to move on.  Fair warning.


  1. Man, we all have those kind of days sometimes...sorry it was your turn today! Hopefully they will move on, just not to my house!

  2. We've been calling him Murphy (as in Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong). He was at my house helping me make a skirt. Cos he knew that unpicking black thread from black fabric is my favourite funnest thing to do. Then he went to live at my friend's house and helped with my trousers. We served him in ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order, fairly recent legal thing in the UK, mostly for thuggish teens) after he helped her need to purchase a 2nd lot of jacket fabric and he seemed to have moved on.

    Very sorry to hear he ended up at yours!

    Everything Takes Longer Than You Think. I keep reminding myself of that. Petitioning for a 9day week.

    Here's to your Terrific Tuesday.

  3. Yeah I've had days like that, when nothing goes right. I move on to other things - planning your next quilt is a wonderful "other thing." Hope you don't get another day like that. Ever.

  4. Terrie,
    I think you have found the perfect solution for the days when the quilt pixies attack- It really does make you wonder some days when the quilt just will not work out no matter what you do..
    Hope that you have managed to banish the quilt pixies or that you found a good book to escape there tricks!

  5. Ah, rough sewing days. not fun.
    BUT, I like seeing how you play with EQ...
    Does anyone know if that works well on a mac???
    I'm fascinated.