Wednesday, July 29, 2009


One of the things I always hoped would happen with the foundations in Miniatures in Minutes is that quilters would realize how easy it would be to adapt them to their own patterns.  Look at this lovely miniature a student made:

Rita cross miniature

Rita used the 13-Square foundation and designed this cross for her mother.  It’s even more lovely in person (of course)  and you can see then that she hand quilted the borders.  Beautiful work.

I really, really love seeing quilters using the technique and foundations to come up with on their own thing.  Thank you, Rita, for letting me share this!

Meanwhile, the drawing for the spare set of plaid patches has been made and the random number generator selected “12.”  So, the patches go to Rita (who is, yes, coincidentally, the same Rita who made that lovely quilt pictured above – gotta love serendipity).

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