Friday, July 3, 2009

Sweet Dreams Swap Mini

Here’s the texture quilt I sent to my swap partner for the June S.T.U.D. swap.  Her info said she liked 30’s repros and was doing a Dear Jane quilt in those fabrics. 


I knew right away I wanted to do a 30’s style quilt for her and decided yo-yo’s and buttons would be good texture for the time period.  This came out very cute.  Very sweet.

My husband, who has zero tolerance for cuteness (except when it comes to the dog for whom he comes all over saccharine), looked at this one for a moment and then made a gagging noise.  One thing about my dearly beloved: he always lets me know exactly what he thinks of my quilts.   (The good part of this is when he tells me he likes something, I know he does.)

I can only hope my partner, whom I remind myself likes 30’s fabrics,  has a much better response to it!


  1. Wonderful! Hey, I saw your book at the quilt shop yesterday and really enjoyed looking at it. I'll have to go back with more $ since I bought a lot of fabric to make wedding gifts...

  2. Oh, I love that little quilt...It is really pretty and I don't care for 30s...

  3. OH I Love this little quilt too adorable...
    what size is the finished quilt?
    the yo yo's and buttons are perfect!

  4. The quilt finishes at about 11 3/4". The larger squares finish at 1 1/2", the smaller ones at 1/2".

    Thanks for the kind comments. I was a little worried with this one.

  5. It's a great wee quilt, I love it. The yo yos and buttons are perfect on it.

  6. You didn't need to worry! This quiltie is perfect! Everything about it is so great--the fabrics, the piecing, the quilting, the details...heck, even your BINDING is perfect! Thanks again for making me something so sweet and perfect. Your husband doesn't know what he's talking about! ;)