Monday, November 5, 2012

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Isn’t it amazing how fast the holidays sneak up on us?  Wasn’t it Labor Day weekend just a week or two ago?

With Christmas lurking on the horizon, I decided I needed (needed, I tell you) a new holiday GO! die.  I kept eyeing the deer all last year, so that was clearly the one to go for.

I made up another one of the snippet ornaments.  In fact, I made eight of them, so I’ve put some on Daisy Fair (my Etsy shop).  The pictures I took are definitely mediocre, so I’ll have to do up a second batch, but this will do for the afternoon.  A couple with shell buttons to hold on the ribbon.

And a couple with rhinestone buttons.

I love the effect of the snippets! 

That last picture is the best at conveying the actual color.  They are really just so pretty and elegant.  I love them.

For anyone who is interested, last year  I also did up a tutorial showing how I made them.  You can find it here.

And, because I really am a happy camper back in my sewing room, I’ve made a little more progress on my Dresden plates.

I’m not forgetting about the EQ giveaway.  I’ll post on that this Wednesday, so check back if you want in on the drawing!

Meanwhile, let’s give a huge sigh of relief because the campaigning is almost over. We’ve got a goodly amount of disagreement between parties these days, but it’s not like we can’t find any common ground.  My bet is an end to political ads and political phone calls is something we can all get behind!


  1. I too have been dreaming about the reindeer die. Love what you created for ornaments. Inspirational. I'm helping with a fundraiser this coming weekend and you just inspired me with some great ideas. Thanks!


  2. I love your ornament, Terrie!