Saturday, November 3, 2012

On the Sew Again

Every time I go through one of those extended breaks from sewing, I feel a truckload of guilt circling the block.  A cringe inducing whisper sneaks along the edges of my awareness.  It says, “Do you know how much money you have invested in that sewing room?  Do you know how much waste that is?”  Another part of my brain helpfully starts calculating how many vacations we could have taken on what I’ve got invested in fabric alone.  (Don’t even think about bringing up those AccuQuilt GO! dies).

A Catholic childhood.  It is what it is.  You can take the girl out of the church but you can’t take the Catholic out of the girl.  (Or old broad, which might be more applicable in this case.)

So it is that I always give a huge sigh of relief when the old love is new again, when suddenly being in the sewing room makes my heart sing. 

Along with the iPod.  “Frederick,” by Patti Smith.  For instance.

All this means I’ve finally got things to show.  For one, there’s the rag quilt.

I used the GO!  8 1/2" rag die, so all the fringe cutting is done.  This one is meant to be a lap quilt for Christmas.  My current plan is to sew up six blocks each morning.  Since all that takes is sewing an X across the block to secure the batting, this is no big deal.  Aren’t they pretty fabrics?  I bought them years ago when I was into flannels.  I’ve been feeling a “use what you’ve got” imperative lately, so it’s gratifying to sew these up.

And then, since I fell SO far behind on my 11 Project Progress Plan, I decided it was time to pull one of those projects out as well.  Bring on the Dresden Plates!

I finished sewing up the blades.  Here’s the last block laid out and ready to piece.

I sewed up two other blocks. 

I need a total of twelve blocks.  I was part of a block bee when I started this project so a number of blocks came via my bee partners.  The block is easy enough to sew but a little tricky – if those seams aren’t quite right, you wind up with this:

Ripple City.  My bee partner threw in the towel on this one!

After sewing up a couple more blocks, I headed off to the quilt store and found fabric for the background and what I’m most likely to use for the center circles.

Okay, so the color on that last photo is a little noxious.  The background is actually a very dark brown that sets off the colors of the block (which are, in reality, very bright and happy) well. 

So.  Progress on the progress plan. 

If anyone is interested in my process of sewing up those blades, I did a tutorial on them way back when.  You can find it here.

I’ve got more stuff to show in the coming days as well.  Progress on the sampler quilt one of my quilt groups is doing.  A reproduction tumbler I’ve begun. 

I’m SO happy to be back in the sewing room.

Meanwhile, for you EQers out there, come back soon.  A little later this week I’m going to post another giveaway for the latest Karen Stone add on.


  1. Glad to see you back in the sewing room. My 11 PPP has waned a bit too. But whatever we did, it was still progress.

  2. We all need a little break from sewing once in a while, it energizes our creative spirit. At least that is what I'm telling myself after I have been absent from my sewing room for a week or so.