Friday, November 30, 2012

This and That

Well, first there’s the sampler.  One of my quilt groups decided to do a sampler in 2012.  Each month one of us brought directions for a twelve inch block.  One month was an extra choose your own (which is why there’s a T block in the upper left corner: T for Terrie).  So, I had a bunch of French General lying around and decided to play with those fabrics.  This is a truly lousy picture but it’s the layout I’m thinking of.

Once I had the twelve blocks done I decided I wanted to have them surround a center block, so out came the GO!

I just love those feathers!  I traced the design onto vinyl and then laid the tracing on a light box with the fabric over it to get the positioning right.

I’ll have better pictures once I start actually putting it all together.  I have to visit the quilt shop for the sashing fabrics first though.

My brains is still locked into “use it up” mode.  Well, I have three dressers in my sewing room stuffed with fabric.  There’s a lot of new fabrics out there I just love, but I’m feeling a little too guilty to buy them at the moment.  I need to use up more of what I’ve got first.  And finish more of those in process projects as well. 

And while bookmarks don’t exactly clear the drawers out, I do get to use up scraps on them.  Given my miniature quilt focus, I often buy charm packs.  And then I only need to use parts of them.  So I have a lot of charm pack bits and pieces.  The bookmarks are just lovely for using them up. 

Once again, I pull out the GO!  After layering bits of those charms on the 1 1/2" strip cutter,  I’ve got a pretty little pile to work with.

Which means I’ve added some more bookmarks to my Etsy shop.

Happy Christmas fabrics:

And some beautifully toned red, white and blue paisley:

Some American Jane:

I even cut up an old strip section I had.  (Way back when, I had gotten pretty darn far on a Strips n’ Curves quilt.  The problem was I never liked how it was coming out.  Every few years I’d pull it out and finagle with it until I decided I still didn’t like it.  Cutting it up for bookmarks was actually very liberating!)

You can see on the back that I cut up a pieced block as well.  There’s the curve:

I’ve got more coming up as well.  I’m hoping to finish up a rag quilt today or tomorrow that I can show off as well.

Hope you are having as much fun in your sewing space these days as I’m having in mine!


  1. Love your quilt. Hadn't seen that GO die before. Wow!

  2. I really need to dive into my fabric stash too. Your sampler design is very striking especially with the medallion. I think you need a job with the "GO" people.